Do you reside or are you domiciled abroad and do you have portfolio shares (investment shares) in a Dutch company? If so, you may be entitled to a refund of the dividend tax withheld from the portfolio dividend payments you received.

If you hold portfolio shares in Dutch companies, in a commercial capacity or otherwise, it is possible that you are paying more tax on the dividend received on these shares than a comparable shareholder residing or domiciled in the Netherlands. This is because the Dutch shareholder can offset the withheld dividend tax against the income tax or the corporation tax, while the Dutch dividend tax generally constitutes a final levy for you or your company.

If the tax burden on the portfolio dividends paid is higher for you than for the comparable Dutch shareholder, then you can ask for a refund of a portion of the Dutch dividend tax. However, this is only possible if your own country does not provide compensation for this.

Note! If you think you are entitled to a partial refund of the Dutch dividend tax, please contact us. A request for a refund must be submitted to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration within a set period of time. Furthermore, the request must be accompanied with the necessary information and data, for example, about the portfolio shares and the comparable tax burden on the dividend in your own country.


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